Kick Start to Better Health

ENJOY THE TRANSITION ! Transition to Plant-Based Food with Tasty Recipes Improve & Prevent Chronic Problems Weight-Diabetes-Pressure-Cholesterol-Brain-Energy ____________________________________________________________ Take one step.  Here is a program designed for you.  This is a customized program that can fit everyone’s needs. Try it, begin now, and add more later. Once you feel the dramatic changes you make, you’ll become committed…

Versatile Oat-Nut Burger

Another great vegan burger recipe. Perfect for substituting meat on burger, spaghetti, even tacos! Additionally, a great way to incorporate veggies and nuts into meals.

Beane’s Muesli

This muesli is a great breakfast item for everyone! Very rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals. A good protein source for vegans and vegetarians.

Nutty Peanut Sauce

A great semi-sweet sauce to add to patties and other meals. Very versatile.

Scrumptious Tacos

These tacos are not only packed with flavor and nutrition, but they are also down-right delicious! Even the kids will ask for these tacos to be made again.

Totally Tasty Tonic

A beneficial tonic with a kick to cure everything. Everything? Yep, everything.